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Click to learn more about why you should choose Worlwide Charter Group for your next charter

Why Charter With Us

Click to learn more about why you should choose Worlwide Charter Group for your next charter

Why Charter With Us

Anyone can sell you an aircraft….Worldwide will sell you an experience.

The world is changing – and its full of options. We are no longer bound to travel by the rigid structures and schedules installed by commercial airlines. Trust Worldwide’s expertise and partnership to guide you to a new way to travel.

Worldwide is a one stop shop with access to thousands of aircraft and operators. We are experienced seasoned aviation industry veterans with over 20 years experience moving our clients expertly around the globe, safely and on budget.

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Worldwide Charter International is committed to offering competitive pricing from reliable and quality operators. We strive to ensure our clients receive the best pricing for their money with superior results. We provide personalized attention, 24-7.

The Captain of an aircraft giving the thumbs up to Worldwide Charter Groups amazing planning and service.


Worldwide Charter International has an exceptional sales team with over 75 years combined experience working in the aviation industry. Our support staff are known for excellence in assembling all charter logistics. Put our experience to work for you and gain access to our independent and impartial advice.


Worldwide Charter International believes in a hands on approach for all charters. We offer on-site representatives available to meet with your organization in person and will personally coordinate and oversee all last minute flight details.

An airplane fling over flags of the world

Global Presence

WCI in partnership with our affiliates and suppliers offers industry contacts in locations across the globe – we’re anywhere you need us to be.

An airplane fling over flags of the world
An airplane fling over flags of the world

Flexibility & Variety

Worldwide has the flexibility to accommodate any last minute equipment changes needed should aircraft size become an issue. We have access to a wide array of aircraft and can make arrangements or alterations on short notice.

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24/7 Availability

WCI is a 24/7, 365 operation. We are always on-call to assist with any problems or concerns that may arise prior to or during your charter. We ensure we are available to you every step of the way.


Exclusivity - Enjoy the freedom and flexibility when you call the shots. Your aircraft…at your disposal. Timed around your agenda and activities. Get direct access to the world.

Additional Capacity - when you work with Worldwide experience the freedom of flexibility, with options to scale up or scale down in aircraft size to move with fluctuations in the market and unexpected cancellations or bookings.

Freedom to Fly - Assemble your charter a la carte. Aircraft you want, dates you want, airports you want, times you want, inflight features you want. Don’t split your group into pieces to fit commercial air flight schedules and available seat blocks – let our charter experts make your transportation work for you.

Fly Smarter - Save time. Travel together. Avoid hidden costs, wasted time and lost productivity. Skip the delays, stopovers and connecting flight hassles. Charter and fly direct. You’re worth it.

Take Control of your Manifest Destiny - hand the reins over to our charter coordinators and skip the stress. Take a few extra days to finalize your passenger manifest and beat those tricky last minute name changes and cancellations – no call centres or penalties.

Kick it up a Notch – step up your game with Worldwide’s endless customization options. Inflight charter representatives, branding opportunities inside and out, inflight entertainment, gourmet catering, personalized crew announcements, VIP service access and much more.

Save $$$ – Explore a new world of aircraft options while accessing our time tested large scale purchase power. Our skilled sales team is experienced when it comes to negotiating best in the business pricing.

Privacy – Flights are confidential and unpublished. Your business is your business.

Advice for Market Development – 20 years in the aviation industry translates to a lot of innovative ideas for business specific market development. Lets talk.

24/7 Operations Support – Relax. We’ve got you. Chartering with Worldwide gives you access to our 24/7 operations control line, departure and arrival supervision services, and around the clock flight monitoring.

Scheduled air cannot provide the tailored top-tier options and amenities many of todays businesses and travellers need. When traveling as a large group, options and choice take on a renewed importance, as your flight is the first and last part of every event. We’re big on smiles and we want your guests to feel good about their entire experience on our charters. The flight is an extension of the travel event – lets make it a fun and feel good experience.

Worldwide Charter International has a wide selection of aircraft types available, each with their own unique assets and advantages. We have access to thousands of airports including regional airports in remote areas, as well the major international hubs. We can offer you greater scheduling flexibility, enabling us to get you to your ultimate destination on your timetable.

About Worldwide Charter International

About Worldwide Charter International


Travelling in large groups is a complicated proposition these days – commercial airlines don’t offer enough seats, flight schedules don’t line up and connections lead to cold tasteless sandwiches on airport lounge floors waiting for the delays to end.

As charter brokers we are experts in the aviation transportation industry – we get to know you, what you need and build you a custom solution to fit your group size and travel dreams. We handle every detail from start to finish. Our value lies in our network and industry experience – we sift through thousands of available aircrafts worldwide, and will seamlessly guide you to a new way to travel together.


Chartering your own air transportation offers more flexibility, convenience and comfort than traveling with a scheduled air carrier. Worldwide offers custom tailored travel solutions:

Personalized Itineraries – Our clients say when and where, choosing their own departure and arrival times with the options to makes changes when necessary.

Customized Catering Choices –– The sky is the limit. Inflight catering offers clients the opportunity to treat themselves or impress their guests. Any dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Inflight Entertainment – You control the remote and decide what you want to watch.

Special Requests – We are ready and waiting with plenty of suggestions on how to make your charter experience a memorable one, but we are always excited to hear new requests and ideas and offer something different.


Worldwide Charter International first began helping groups discover a new and better way to travel in 1998. In nearly 20 years we have grown to become a global aviation services provider with offices and staff on almost every continent.


Our management team is comprised of leaders within the charter and aviation industry that have contributed to the creation and development of hundreds of charter programs, strategic leasing partnerships, airline start-ups and built gold standard for logistics and program management. With almost 20 years in the charter business, we have a keen insight and understanding of the big picture, and we have the tools, network and experience that produces results.

Our primary motivation has always been focused client care and communication, which in turn enables us to deliver on target, high value, innovative products and services to fit any budget. Our multiple areas of expertise provide our clients with turnkey solutions tailored to situation and need.

WCI takes pride in our unrivalled ability to respond to our clients quickly and efficiently – we are always striving to ensure our clients feel well supported. We are relationship builders – known for our dedication to fostering strong long term relationships with everyone we work with and earning repeat business in the process.

We place a high importance on personalized customer service and our first aim is always to exceed expectations which is why we maintain a tight network of clients, operators and suppliers. We offer client support 24/7, 365 days a year…whether on the ground or at cruising altitude.

Worldwide has remained dedicated to sourcing clients the safest and most reliable products and services at the best rates. In addition to service delivery, Worldwide management strongly believes in providing support to existing or start-up airlines and operators to continuously maintain and grow the aviation marketplace through other forms of assistance such as marketing, analysis and consulting. We know the marketplace thrives on innovation, change, growth and new players. As such, we make use of our skills and expertise to assist others to ‘get in the game’.


Over the course of our twenty years in business we have built a global network to ensure we are always up to date on the latest aircraft availabilities and work aggressively to maintain an extensive database of aircraft and contacts to quickly negotiate and secure aircrafts for our clients at discounted rates. But we don’t stop there. Our international network extends beyond airlines to ground handlers, fuelers, airports, caterers, hotels, bus companies and more. We scrutinize everyone we work with to ensure every aspect of our service delivery is safe and reliable.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Scott Smith, ceo


Skype: wwc-scott

Backed by 20 years in the aviation and travel industries, Scott brings strong leadership, innovative vision and dynamic initiative in his role as President and CEO of Worldwide Charter International. Scott was first introduced to the travel business in high school when he launched and built a student travel company from the ground up which grew to be the largest of its kind in Canada. Following that achievement, Scott expanded south into the US travel market where he successfully owned and operated a sports marketing firm. Building on his wealth of industry expertise and in search of a new challenge, Scott diversified into the aviation industry where his travel agency experience and education in Business Economics lead him to his current role as CEO of Worldwide Charter International. Scott's leadership has been the driving force behind the continued success of the Worldwide team as well as its exciting expansion from an adhoc charter brokerage to a full service aviation management company.

Prakash Mulani, Charter Sales Manager


Skype: wwc-prakash

Prakash is the newest member of our team and is based at our Head Office in Canada. While a new addition to the WCI family, Prakash comes to us with 30 years in previous aviation experience. Prakash's interest in a career within the aviation industry dates back to his early childhood. Like all small boys, his visits to the airport and sightings of the various aircraft filled him with fascination and excitement. Eventually he turned that dream into a reality, and to date he has worked in many airports across Canada and the Middle East. His resume includes experience in Ground Handling Management (both Passenger and Ramp Services), as well as Ground Services Operations Control Centre, ULD and Load Master Operations, Staff Planning / Recruitment / Training, Standard Level Service Auditing, Customer Service, and Statistical Reporting.

Tidiane Ndiaye, Regional Sales Manager - Africa


Skype: altidiou

Tidiane has long been a highly valued and respected member of the Worldwide Charter International Team and has played a significant role in all of our successful projects in Africa. Tidiane comes to us with decades of practical experience in the air transport industry including work with general tourism, charter airlines and package tours. He also specializes in consulting services and market representation. Tidiane provides our clients operating within or to Africa direct site representation and a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience.

Omar Shishani, Site Coordinator - Middle East


Skype: omar.shishani1

Omar has 14 years’ experience in the airline sector, with particular focus in the charter airline business. He has played significant contributory roles in the creation and management of several charter companies. Omar is well known as someone who “gets the job done” - he is a multi-tasker and thrives on responsibility and achieving top operating results for our clients. Omar also has extensive background as a liaison with government ministries and civil aviation authorities. Omar’s love for the aviation field adds strong energy and action to all WCI logistics and ground operations.

Alioune Ndiaye, Site Coordinator - Africa


Skype: litondiaye

Alioune has worked as a site-coordinator for Worldwide Charter International in various countries throughout Africa, most recently in Nigeria for the 2014 World Cup and in Senegal for the 2014 Hajj. His efficiency, dedication and work ethic have made him a highly membered value of our ground team.

Aleksandr Terentiev, Project Manager - Russia


Aleksandr is one of our newest team members who is mainly based in Moscow. He has great experience in the area of Civil Aviation, especially in ground handling services and technologies.

Since 2007 till 2017 he worked in the Moscow International Airport Domodedovo in the position of Ramp Agent and Representative for the airlines: Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Swiss, and Brussels Airlines. He was management of all ground handling and head communicator with all airport services. In 2017, with Confederation Cup in Moscow he was an Official Representative of “Swiss Airlines” which was a major airline for carrying FIFA delegates and fans.

He was the Chief of Ground Handling Department at “Rossiya Airlines”(part of Aeroflot group). He managed all Ground Handling and passenger services at stations and participated in tenders and signing agreements with partners. After Confederation Cup Aleksandr has had direct contacts with members of different departments at “Local Organization Committee FIFA World Cup 2018” in all host cities. The next and very important step of his carrier was FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

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Available Postings

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We are always on the lookout for driven, passionate and self-motivated friends to join our sales team. If you think you might have what it takes, feel free to send your CV our way.

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