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Group Air Charter

Group Travel. Simplified.

Click for more details about group charters

Group Air Charter

Group Travel. Simplified.

Group travel has never been easier. Call us. Pack. Go. For 20 years Worldwide has been sending large groups into the big blue sky – converting visions and dreams to reality and showing our clients how simple, affordable and smart air charter travel can be when you need to travel together. Whether a one-time adhoc charter or a longer term track program, our experts know the market and will guide you to success.

Whether your group is 100, 1000 or 10,000…we’re the right team to guide you through the process from start to finish and get your group from A to B safely. We offer direct and convenient options and alternatives to multi-stop commercial air travel, and get groups to destinations not offered by regular commercial airlines.

Groups We've Moved:

✓ sports teams, sports agencies and fan clubs

✓ sports events

✓ orchestras

✓ crew rotations

✓ corporate groups

✓ pilgrams

✓ corporate showcases

✓ product launches

Through our vast global network of operators and suppliers, our clients have efficient 24/7 access to a world of options, accompanied by our decades of experience to guide them through the process of selecting the perfect aircraft for their charter. We’ll walk you through your options and explain why they are best suited to your requirements and budget. As an added bonus, our customers benefit from the discounted charter rates which result from our bulk buying relationships with operators.


Chartering with Worldwide offers flexibility and possibility. Our clients choose schedules to fit their needs, rather than having their lives dictated by commercial airlines routes and timetables. They choose when they leave, from where, and where they want to land. You tell us what you want, and we take care of every detail to guarantee a smooth operation that is perfectly and safely executed.

The Worldwide experience is like no other – a bespoke event tailored to fit your needs – dedicated passenger check-in with charter coordinator on site, customized catering, branded interior décor including headrest covers, amenity kits, pillows, blankets, fuselage logo to maximize your company exposure whether on the ground or in the air. And we won’t leave you hanging – our support continues even after we’re wheels down. We offer ground transfers to and from the airport, accommodation or wherever you need to go. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7 support from our operations control centre.

Tour Operators

Our charter experts have designed and executed countless seasonal and series track programs over the years. We have extensive experience and a working knowledge of the many moving pieces and strategy involved in the design of a large scale operation. Worldwide’s global network of aircraft and bulk buying power translates to a competitive edge and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Sports Charters

Whether it’s a football, basketball, puck or golf club your heart is set on - Worldwide shares your passion to get in on the action. Regardless of your group size or destination, we have the aircraft for every sports team, club, touring organization and fan group. We know the devil is in the details and we’re seasoned and savvy to handle all special requests (VIP aircraft, discreet departures and private terminal access, unique nutritional requirements and much more). Use our teamwork to make your dream work!

Meetings, Incentives & Corporate Events

All work and no play is…boring! Our dedicated charter experts will put their passion and innovation in motion to help you create an engaging and memorable travel experience for your corporate / media event, launch or conference.

Emergency Evacuation Respose

Worldwide’s vast network and up to the minute availability access means we are poised and ready to react and respond quickly to emergency and disaster situations across the globe. Our experienced charter experts are prepared act quickly and calmly to organize aid immediately where its needed.


Exclusivity – Enjoy the freedom and flexibility when you call the shots. Your aircraft…at your disposal. Timed around your agenda and activities. Get direct access to the world.

Additional Capacity – when you work with Worldwide experience the freedom of flexibility, with options to scale up or scale down in aircraft size to move with fluctuations in the market and unexpected cancellations or bookings.

Freedom to Fly – Assemble your charter a la carte. Aircraft your want, dates you want, airports you want, times you want, inflight features you want. Don’t split your group into pieces to fit commercial air flight schedules and available seat blocks – let our charter experts make your transportation work for you.

Fly Smarter – Save time. Travel together. Avoid hidden costs, wasted time and lost productivity. Skip the delays, stopovers and connecting flight hassles. Charter and fly direct. You’re worth it.

Take Control of your Manifest Destiny – hand the reins over to our charter coordinators and skip the stress. Take a few extra days to finalize your passenger manifest and beat those tricky last minute name changes and cancellations – no call centres or penalties.

Kick it up a Notch – step up your game with Worldwide’s endless customization options. Inflight charter representatives, branding opportunities inside and out, inflight entertainment, gourmet catering, personalized crew announcements, VIP service access and much more.

Save $$$ - Explore a new world of aircraft options while accessing our time tested large scale purchase power. Our skilled
sales team is experienced when it comes to negotiating best in the business pricing.


Advice for Market Development –20 years in the aviation industry translates to a lot of innovative ideas for business specific market development. Lets talk.

24 / 7 Operations Support – Relax. We’ve got you. Chartering with Worldwide gives you access to our 24/7 operations control line, departure and arrival supervision services, and around the clock flight monitoring.

Aircraft Leasing


Aircraft Leasing


Worldwide’s experienced leasing team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether an unanticipated AOG strikes, or forecasting reveals a fleet lift shortage for seasonal peak season operations, we have a world of available aircraft options at our fingertips and experienced specialized operations staff to immediately find your solution.

We maintain a global network of airline operators and update our aircraft availability database daily. We are consistently in close communication with our network partners and only offer aircraft supplied by reputable airlines with established track records. Our carriers supply aircraft that are crewed, expertly maintained and insured to the letter, possessing all necessary certifications and regulatory authority approvals.

We offer a wide range of leasing services as well as specialized contract solutions:

  • ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance)
  • Wet Lease
  • Damp Lease
  • Dry Lease
  • Lease to Purchase
  • CMI
  • Leasing coverage for AOG’s and mechanical issues
  • Crew and staffing shortages
  • Peak Season lift
  • Sub-service for scheduled maintenance checks
  • New route evaluations
  • Airline startups
  • Hajj Pilgrimage programs

  • Market Analysis and Multi-Unit Bidding
  • Consulting and Project / Logistics Management
  • Lease and Finance Management
  • Purchase for Resale and Secondary Marketing

You can count on Worldwide to reliably source fast, efficient responses to short and long term leasing requirements. We act quickly to fight unexpected disruptions and limit potential downtime. Our skilled sales team will put our market savvy and close working relationships with hundreds of operators to work to secure the right aircraft at the best prices. Let us handle the contract and operational negotiations for you – we’ll work with your team to smoothly convert our options to tailor made solutions integrated with your infrastructure. You’ll walk away with the ideal aircraft, a lower per block hour rate, favourable deposit and payment terms and additional program based extras.





Hajj is one of the largest annually occurring pilgrimages in the world. We have been honoured to play a role in the facilitation and transportation of tens of thousands of pilgrims to Mecca over the past 20 years. We have we have successfully provided ACMI and full charter transportation annually for groups ranging from 7,000 pilgrims to 40,000 pilgrims.

We have developed strong working relationships within Africa, Asia and the Middle East with governments and national carriers, and look forward to further building those relationships through the provision of solid and reliable performance in the years to come.

Worldwide Charter International maintains a strong presence with all pilgrim groups throughout their pilgrimage to and from Mecca. We supply on-site staff for all departures 2-3 days prior to the departures to confirm all logistics are in place. This on-site vigilance ensures operational efficiency for all outgoing flights, monitoring of incoming ferry flights, flight filings, secured slots, ground handling, tickets, baggage tagging and loading, fueling, crew coordination, transportation for crews between airport and hotels as well as customized catering. We are the
only Hajj operator to guarantee full-time experienced staff in Africa, working 24/7 to ensure smooth and profession service delivery.

Having operated Hajj for over 15 years, we recognize the religious and cultural significance of the pilgrimage and work closely with our clients, providing personal attention to ensure we accommodate every need – from aircraft logos and decals, seat covers and halal meals – we ensure an unforgettable, unique and meaningful experience.

Air Cargo Charter


Air Cargo Charter


People aren’t the only things we carry! Our global network of aircraft providers include a wide range of Cargo Carriers and freight forwarders on all continents. We also have a close line on available route buy-ins and routed load sharing to maximize your dollar.

Whatever your cargo, our experts respond quickly to get your goods in the air promptly and cost-effectively. Cargo charters are a great solution when scheduled cargo providers cannot meet the timelines and demands of business movements.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Parts and Materials Supply – Aircraft, Automotive
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • General Commercial Cargo
  • High Value / Sensitive Cargo
  • Time Sensitive
  • Outsize & Heavy Freight Movements

Our vast array of carriers offer aircraft options with between 5,000 and 22,000 kgs cargo capacity, loadable in bulk or pallet. Our team will assess payload, timeline and route to select the optimal cargo aircraft for your requirements, and ensure your shipments are delivered on budget and on schedule.

Click to learn more about the unlimited possibilities for customizing your flight options


Click to learn more about the unlimited possibilities for customizing your flight options


Charter flights offer freedom from the stress of travelling, but also open the door to a new world of possibilities and customization opens. Pick and choose the add-ons and amenities that are important to you and design your inflight experience as you want it to be.


  • On-Site Dedicated Charter Representative
  • Ground Handling Coordination
  • Customized Catering
  • Insurance Certifications
  • Security Screening
  • Regulatory Filings & Permits
  • Airport & Terminal Coordination
  • 24/7 Operations Staff Access
  • FIDS & Gate Signage

Upgrade Options

  • Gourmet & VIP Catering
  • Private VIP screening / Planeside screening and check-in
  • Alcoholic Beverages / Cash Bar
  • Personalized Inflight Supplies with branding (Headrest Covers, Napkins, Cups, Blankets)
  • Personalized Baggage Tags
  • Hot / Cold Towel Service
  • Audio Headsets
  • Inflight Literature (Newspapers, Magazines)
  • Aircraft Branding (Interior & Exterior Décor and Decals)
  • Airport Signage
  • Flowers
  • Customized Logo and Attire for Site Rep and Staff
  • Welcome gifts & swag
  • Personalized Inflight Announcements


Consulting Services

Worldwide offers advisory services for those clients who need additional support in the operations and administration areas which leads to savings yields in overhead. We consult on a wide range of program management areas, including

  • Airline Start-up
  • Cost/Profit Analysis and Forecasting
  • Aircraft & Crew Scheduling
  • Route/Schedule Evaluation & Development
  • Block Hour Analysis

Worldwide consultants ensure aircraft are well utilized and operated efficiently to save time, hassles and money, often instituting plans and programs to optimize performance.

Financial Management

A strong grasp of cash flow (both current and projected) alongside a clear view of expenses and cost centres is often the overlooked key to an aircraft and program’s success. Worldwide audits all suppliers, and will go the extra mile to review and reconcile all services to ensure clients’ bottom line is covered.

Logisitcs And Operations Management

Worldwide is renowned for its strong relationships and hands on approach to program coordination. We immerse ourselves in the planning and details for all programs and charters, to ensure we deliver the high calibre services our clients expect and deserve. Airline representation, vendor negotiations, ground handling (passenger and ramp services), Fuelling, Permits & Over flights, Landing Fees, Passenger Taxes , Catering, Airport Staffing, Inflight Amenities, Baggage, Manifests, Regulatory Compliance…and much more. Worldwide covers it all.