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Leasing Leaders for Hajj Pilgrimage 2017

At Worldwide Charter International, our full-service aviation management and brokerage team specializes in the lease and charter of aircraft to major national and international carriers, governments and tour operators.

We have built a loyal client base and have established ourselves as one of the premier leasing brokerage companies for Hajj operations.

For non-Muslims, suffice it to say Hajj is the largest, annually occurring pilgrimage in the world. WCI is honoured to play a role, having transported tens of thousands of pilgrims to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, during the past 16 years from various countries in Africa and the Middle East.

For Muslims planning to attend Hajj or make a pilgrimage at another time of year (called Umrah), they can’t just pack up and go.

* a vaccination certificate must be obtained;

* pilgrims must have a Saudi identification card and wristband, usually issued by the Hajj travel agent;

* pilgrims must obtain a permit to perform Hajj from the Saudi government (entry visa);

* accommodations and transportation must be guaranteed before you are issued your entry visa, and

* travel plans must be made through a Saudi government-approved travel agent.

In WCI’s 16-year history, we have successfully paved the way for more than 75,000 pilgrims to attend Hajj. Strong working relationships with Africa, Asia and the Middle East, via governments and national air carriers, will ensure continued success in enabling devout Muslims to perform their pilgrimage duty.

In the past few years, WCI has worked with pilgrims from many different countries and continents – most recently Senegal, India and Burkina Faso. This diversity of experience has strengthened and enhanced our skill set in delivering premier aircraft and logistics solutions to our continuously growing base of Hajj clients.

During their time in Mecca, WC supplies clients with on-site staff for all departures. We make sure our people are on the ground several days prior to the first flights, to confirm all logistics are in place. This ensures efficiency for all outgoing flights; monitoring of incoming ferry flights; flight filings; secured slots; ground handling; tickets; baggage tagging and loading; fuelling; crew co-ordination; transportation for crews between airport and hotels and customized catering.

It’s a lot. It’s complicated. But our clients and the privilege of participation are worth it.

We support our aircraft lessees and lessors through our guaranteed provision of full-time experienced staff, working around the clock to ensure smooth and professional service and performance.

WCI works closely with our Lessee’s, providing personal attention to ensure we accommodate every need – from aircraft logos and decals, to special seat covers and halal meals – we ensure an unforgettable, unique and memorable experience for pilgrims.

We would love to bring our 16-plus years of experience in leasing and global network of experienced Hajj Lessor’s to your pilgrimage service.

To receive a pricing proposal for Hajj 2017 leasing programs, contact Worldwide Charter International at +1 905 684 1100 or send us a message via our website contact page, HERE.

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