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Moscow Hosts World Cup 2018

The Moscow that football enthusiasts will encounter in 2018 is a magical mix of the new and the old:

it is truly a modern European city, easily on par with the world’s great cities like Paris, London and Rome. Its history meets a vibrant urban culture that’s as welcoming as any in Europe.

You’ll find its neighbourhoods beautifully landscaped, its streets impossibly clean and you will discover it has all the benchmarks of Western Civilization - namely McDonalds, Starbucks…and Uber! Many Western restaurant chains are represented, but we’d still recommend the incomparable Russian cuisine served up in style at the world famous Cafe Pushkin. There’s something about the old world Russian mystic of the Doctor Zhivago era that is simply irresistible. We know...because we’ve been there!

Worldwide Charter International has laid the groundwork for successful charter flights to 2018 FIFA World Cup TM years in advance. Over the course of our team’s numerous visits we have carefully cultivated strong partnerships with the best and most reliable logistics suppliers, tour operators, hoteliers and ground transport, all ready to be put in motion for you, the discerning football fan. Whether you are a tour operator in France, a football club in the UK or a national soccer federation in South America, Worldwide Charter International will move you to the Russian Destination of your choice, on the best and most cost efficient aircraft to fit your precise needs. Pick your dates, pick your times, and we’ll do the rest, right down to delicious customized catering enroute. We can even brand your aircraft in your team’s colours.

We at Worldwide feel that watching the best in the world playing the ‘beautiful game’ should include a beautiful experience to get there. So bypass the lines, reduce the stress of lost luggage, delays and all the mess and frustration that is commercial air travel, and create a custom charter of your choosing. But the clock is ticking on getting things done because the matches kick off. We’re not saying we’re in injury time, but it’s getting close! So lets get the ball rolling and start a conversation today. Russia’s wonders await!

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