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How We Are Preparing For World Cup 2018

Top five reasons for using Worldwide Charter Group to move your group to the 2018 FIFA football world cup in Russia.

1 - Time saving/Convenience - by way of tailored flight schedules. Departures when you want from where you want.

2 - Quality of Service - WCG offers 24/7 support.  We have a 24 hour ops centre, individual reps (an actual person) for each group AND our boots on the ground in Russia. Where quite frankly, we’re an army of awesomeness. 

3 - Reduced Stress - without the long lines, waiting, lost luggage, missed transfers, flight delays, and security issues of commercial flights —you’ll be a lot more relaxed.

4 - Local Office and Russian based bilingual staff - we’ve hired Russian staff that live locally and are bilingual to be on our team.  We’ve yet to encounter another company that takes this extensive networking and local boots on the ground approach that we do; to absolutely, positively, ensure our flights and our clients are well-supported.  Who better to navigate than locally based Russians, who already know their way around and who to talk to? 

5 - Experienced Experts - no one does World Cup like we do! All airports are always a little hectic and chaotic….but when a major event or conference descends on a city —it’s a different animal entirely.  It becomes wildly unpredictable. WCG knows how to stand strong and get things done in the madness; in the eye of the hurricane there is an area of calm —and that’s us. We’re prepared for chaos.  That’s the key.  We count on it, and we diligently plan for it; we’ve worked through scenarios before they happen. This is WCG’s third World Cup of Football ! We’ve made several trips to Russia in the past year and will continue to fly in and out monthly; we do the ground work necessary to ensure every charter flight for all our valued clients are unmitigated successes.

Try that with a virtual online assistant!

Authentic boots-on-the-ground-been-there-lived-it experience is the only way to vet carriers, bus companies, hotels etc. etc. To take your passengers into an environment as potentially chaotic and not be working with someone intimately familiar with the situation and the true lay of the land is just asking for trouble.

What memory of World Cup do you want to create?  

Standing at a baggage carrousel amongst a throng people waiting for your bag that’s now on its way to Uzbekistan by way of outer Mongolia?

Or in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium watching the opening kick-off to the finest football on the planet?

It should be an easy choice…take your time…press the link down there on your left. Just move your cursor down there. That’s it.

Just point and click…taking care of your business by letting us take care of your business. Let’s get started today!

How WCG Can Help


From start to finish, we’re at your disposal. Personalized service. 24/7.


First and foremost – we listen. We’ll find you the perfect aircraft to fit your vision.


We are well networked around the globe – access the world’s best aircraft available for charter with Worldwide.

Please note that we do not sell individual charter seats. We provide charter aircraft for groups of 100 or more passengers.