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Planning A Spring Break Trip?

Organizing a big trip for a school group, sports team or community organization can be a difficult task. Worldwide Charter International is here to help!

At Worldwide Charter International, we’re always looking to the future.

Whether that’s planning ahead for our own interests, or to serve our customers needs in the best way possible, we like to think of it as having “eyes on the skies.”

When it comes to planning big trips for high-school or college groups, sports teams and community organizations, we definitely have our eyes on the skies. And other places, too!

Worldwide Charter International’s experienced group charter planners love to put their skills to work to help you and your team put together the details for a bid trip. In addition to selecting the aircraft best suited for enthusiastic travellers, our logistics experts arrange for fuss-free check-in; luggage collection; inflight services such as beverage and snacks; seasoned staffing and contacts available 24/7 at both departure and arrival points. We can also assist with boots on the ground internationally, arranging translators, hotels and site-based ground transfers.

The WCI planning team always get a few questions, like: “The school year only just started. Should we begin our fundraising now, or can we wait until January?”

Two decades of spring break experience have taught us that there is no such thing as “too early” when it comes to planning trips to popular destinations during the Spring break season. We utilize a common sense approach to our planning.

If you have chosen a destination, and wish to give your travellers time to decide whether to participate, you need to be able to supply details: How much will I need to fundraise? What will our daily food costs be? What about sightseeing fees? What are the customs regulations? What are the taxes? What total costs are we looking at?

Organizers need to have all the details in order to really sell the trip to their group, to generate interest in participating in it, and convincing people to commit to raising funds for it through special events. Starting that planning now affords group leaders and educators time to:

* encourage travellers to get all the documentation they will need for travel, such as a passport (or visa if applicable);

* encourage students to save money;

* plan and execute fundraising campaigns before money needs to be submitted for deposits;

* plan the trip’s travel dates around school assignments or major events and

* educate the group on its intended destination: Learn some language; learn about economy and climate; get vaccinations if necessary; figure out what the customs laws are and learn about local cuisine and cultural customs.

Putting your group of intrepid travellers all together on one flight instead of splitting them up on economy flights has benefits, too: You keep everyone together; all luggage will be offloaded at the same time; you can use the travel time as bonding time, and WCI contacts will be there to help you at every step of the way.

Just writing this, I don’t have a trip planned for myself, but I’m getting excited thinking about helping you plan one!

If your group or organization is interested in chartering an aircraft to transport a group of 100 or more travellers to an exotic spring break locale, it’s time to get the that ball rolling!

The WCI team would love to bring our 15+ years of experience planning travel events to your assistance. To receive a quote on your upcoming aircraft charter needs, call Worldwide Charter International at 905-684-1100, or send us a message via our website contact page, HERE.

We’ve got our eyes on the skies for you!

How WCG Can Help


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First and foremost – we listen. We’ll find you the perfect aircraft to fit your vision.


We are well networked around the globe – access the world’s best aircraft available for charter with Worldwide.

Please note that we do not sell individual charter seats. We provide charter aircraft for groups of 100 or more passengers.